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The Best Apple Warranty for Expat Living in Indonesia: INTER / International vs iBOX

Are you confused when buying Apple products online in marketplace?

Deciding which Apple warranty to buy can be tricky, especially if you're an expatriate. Do you buy the cheaper International (INTER) warranty, or do you go for the more expensive “Apple Indonesia” iBOX warranty? In this blog post, we'll help you make that decision by breaking down the key differences between the two warranties.

iBOX vs International: What's the difference?


The biggest difference between iBOX and International is the legality recognized by Indonesian government. iBOX paid import tax duties to Indonesian government and they are the official Apple distributor in Indonesia. Whereas, the INTER version are illegally imported Apple products. The importers don’t pay tax to the Indonesian government. Most of the products are imported from United States, Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia. However, they are genuine Apple products. The warranty is covered by Apple Authorized Service Providers worldwide, including Indonesia.


INTER is typically much cheaper than IBOX. Why? INTER importers don’t pay tax, while iBOX does. iBOX passes on the import duties and value-added tax (VAT) to consumers.


Apple offers a warranty on its products for one year. This means that if you have any manufacturing defects with your Apple product within the first year, you can get it fixed for free. INTER and iBOX have the same warranty coverage and protection from Apple. INTER warranty can be claimed in iBOX stores too.


INTER iPhone (including the ones you bought overseas) cannot use local cellular network, if the IMEI is not registered with Ministry of Industry of Indonesia. Even when the IMEI is registered (you can register it after the immigration counter at an Indonesian international airport upon arrival), the access to Indonesian cellular network only lasts for 3 months. Although you can still connect your iPhone with internet via WIFI, it will be a hassle if you cannot access internet when you are on the road. Since INTER iPhone cannot get the signal from Indonesian cellular network after 3 months of purchase, it is recommended to buy the iBOX version if you plan to live in Indonesia for more than 3 months.


So, which Apple warranty should you buy? It all depends on your need. If you’re comfortable avoiding taxes and buying WIFI-connected devices such as iMac, MacBook, iPad (WIFI), Apple Watch (WIFI), AirPods, Apple TV and other Apple accessories, go for INTER as it is cheaper and provides the same warranty coverage as iBOX does. However, if you're buying iPhone or any other cellular-connected device such as Apple Watch (cellular) and iPad (cellular), and are (potentially) staying in Indonesia for more than 3 months, go for iBOX.

If you are still unsure which warranty to choose, consult with us for unbiased opinion via WhatsApp click here we sell both iBOX and INTER products.

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